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Membership FAQ's

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions relating to our membership structure. If you have additional questions, please contact us at 608-442-7295 or
  1. Q: My organization is a Registered Principal, but we only have 2 in-house lobbyists. Can myself and my colleague register as individuals?
    A: Yes. Lobbyists who are employed by registered principals and firm's can still register at the individual level.
  2. Q: My Firm has only 3 registered lobbyists and and one non-lobbyist support person. Can we register all 4 at the Firm rate?
    A: No, you would want to register the 3 registered lobbyists under the firm category, and the non-lobbyist support person under the Associate level.
  3. Q: My firm currently has only 2 registered lobbyists. It makes the most sense to register as individuals. Let's say I add an additional lobbyist, will our individual membership's transfer to a Firm membership?
    A: Yes. We are more than happy to transfer a membership from individual to a registered principal or firm.
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